Athens State Announces Elementary Collaborative Program for Education Majors

Athens, ALA. - Athens State University is proud to announce that it is now offering a combined Elementary Education and Collaborative K-6 program.  Upon completion of this newly implemented program, teaching certificates can be obtained in elementary education combined with collaborative K-6 instruction.

  McCain Hall, home of Athens State’s College of Education

Collaborative K-6 coursework trains future teachers in classroom education focusing on students with special education needs.  Elementary education prepares educators for the broad K-6 curriculum.  The combination of these two courses of study will allow Athens State to prepare their graduates with a flexibility to offer their teaching skills to cover both areas.

“We have hoped to offer this combined course of study for quite a while,” stated College of Education Dean Debra Baird.  “We expect this to become a very popular program quickly as it allows future educators to be more flexible and work in an interdisciplinary manner within their school systems.”

The total number of hours for graduation with this major is 130 semester hours.  This includes 54 semester hours in the Core and Major Prerequisite hours, 25 semester hours in the Professional Studies Curriculum, and 51 semester hours in the Teaching Field. There will be 5 semester hour internships for both Elementary Education and Collaborative K-6, taken the same semester. 

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February 13, 2012