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Business Display Page
individually designed page for customer

$70. NOW $25.00 yr - Includes the above & hyperlink to your website, blog or facebook
$180.00 yr - $15.00 mo. - searchable webpage with distinct web  address includes 3 annual updates renewable yearly 



Business Image Ads.  Displayed prominently on Web site to increase company visibility 125x250 pixels

Banner Ads -
440x60 pixels

$20 month - $240.00 per year -
Placement on "Main" page
$16.66 month - $200.00 per year - Placement on "Real Estate" Main page
$10-$15 month - $120-$180 per year - Placement on the remainder of Directory pages within
$21.66 month - $260. per year - Placement on Directories (only)

must be suitable to space available

Discounts for multiple services.

Classified Ads


$25. Auto, appliances, furniture, pets, jobs wanted, jobs needed, etc. 3-5 photos online till sold or position filled

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Real Estate Section

Realtor Advertising Rate*

$70.00 -15 photos maybe used. FSBO
online till sold

$50. Realtor discounts on multiple ads
 Ask about un-advertised Special prices

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for Rent or Lease
Commercial Buildings for Lease
Apartments for Rent
Advertised until rents
$25.00 for (1) outside picture 
text: up to 50 words.
or also available:
$10.00 for line ad (no photo included) up to 50 words.

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Advertise your Business and Real Estate online

We would like to introduce our company to all the businesses in Athens and Limestone County. Our services are only Internet based with our focus on providing information on local businesses, professionals and their services to the viewer/consumer.

Our Web site features a directory of companies operating in our area that can be accessed much the same as the telephone directory, by category headings.

In addition to this basic listing, our goal is to have every company/business in Athens online with an introduction page. This "Landing" page will showcase the business with graphic art, photographs, contact number(s), E-mail, mission statement, hours of operation and other information desired by the company.

Our pages are each designed on an individual basis to provide a quality listing. We feel this will increase consumer awareness of what is offered in our market without having to search endlessly, either by travel or Internet surfing.

Companies that currently have a Web presence can have their site linked from the listing, making it easy for local residents to view their online storefront for a small yearly fee. This is good for companies with long, or hard to remember, web addresses. When a visitor comes to &, they will be able to see every site available in our area and go there at the click of their mouse.

Compare our rates and services with others and discover the difference. If you would like more information on our services please telephone 256-233-4568 or email us..

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